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Beautiful Welsh vowels

I may throw up on you

Reach for the sky

"Each time the wind blows
I hear your voice
So I call your name"

I am the Allonsy to your Alonzo
I am the Super to your califragilisticexpialidocious
I am the Dean to your Cas
I am the Nathan to your Peter
I am the Rose to your Ten
I am the Joker to your Batman
I am the Ianto to your Jack
I am the Torch to your Wood
I am the Doctor to your Who
I am the Milo to your Adrian
I am the Boy to your Zone
I am the West to your Life
I am the buckshotwon to your Sleepy Mi
I am the Sunshine Mikey to your Brian
I am the Arthur to your Merlin
I am the Lorelai to your Luke

""If you enter this world knowing you are loved
and you leave this world knowing the same,
then everything that happens in between
can be dealt with"
-- MJ